Saturday, October 29, 2011

something bigger than us : freedom flotilla

I was watching TV, which was showing talk show about humanitarian mission freedom flotilla 2.


Too much free time will leads to brain dead.. Its honestly very challenging to crochet, and teaches me about patience..Nevertheless its addictive XD

Thursday, June 16, 2011

old boss

Last night I dream of my boss,in peadiatric dept..she is a power woman , very outspoken, sometimes we feel scared and amazed at the same time, but she is single.

I had a dream of her few weeks back, gives me idea that I might end up just like her..
But lastnight, I dream that she got engaged! and she told me , that she finally found love..

Honestly I'm in no mood of calling my old hospital to confirm my dream , but still wondering what could that possibily means..


Wednesday, June 15, 2011

vampires? dont you lie :)

I was talking to dad today re vampires..Conclusions is

Vampire should not look pale and gorgeous , like Edward

Instead , they should looks like a thalassemia patients from iron loaded ( thalassemia patient receive blood transfusion sometime as frequent as every other day!) . They have darker skin (compare to their siblings , frontal bossing , malocclusion of teeth, like the picture below

Thus vampire whom depending on blood as main course should have high iron load as well :D